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Online pokies are fun, play online pokies!

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

I am not this straightforward in articles I write, but answer me this, why shouldn’t you play online pokies? If you are short on money play free online pokies, if you have little money to spare play online pokies that require small deposits and have small minimal wager limit. And if you have a lot of money then it is smarter to play online pokies instead of pokies found in brick and mortar casinos. It is easier to hit progressive jackpot on online pokies than it is in brick and mortar counterparts and you don’t have buzzing of people around you.

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Convenience is one great advantage of online pokies. You can play online pokies whenever you want. It can be on a job (during a break of course), 10 or 15 minutes of fun, or it can be in comfort of your home where you can play online pokies for hours. And you can always leave a game and return to it few minutes or few hours later.

tumblr_inline_ncye4j974r1smsfmcYou will not find any brick and mortar casino that has such variety of games like online casinos have. Even those online casinos that have little amount of available games more than often have greater variety than the best brick and mortar casinos. There are a lot of online casinos whose only focus is online pokies, and they will offer you great variety of them, from number of reels, through number of additional content to number of different themes. Online pokies come in a whole lot of different suits.

Every serious online casino will supply you with instructions for every online pokies game. And due to that learning how to play them is rather easy, and even the most complicated online pokies will be nothing and you will learn all of their aspects in a matter of hours.

icon-affiliates-convert-your-trafficPercentage of pay-out in online pokies is bigger than it is in real word pokies. This is possible due to great variety in the game-play of online pokies. Different additions like free rounds are main reason why online pokies gain popularity on daily basis. And I should not forget sounds and animations online pokies deliver. Those two aspects, if they are nicely combined, will increase immersion into the game which can only bring more fun and enjoyment to the player.

Jackpots in online pokies are a lot bigger than in regular real world pokies. That is due to number of players that are playing online pokies. There are no waiting lines in front of online pokies, several players can play same game, and that is boosting progressive jackpots to unbelievable heights.

Quick video guide on how to win at slots online

If you aren’t interested in online pokies after this article then I have nothing else to tell you. If you still believe that nothing can replace brick and mortar casinos and their pokies, they you obviously failed to read this article properly and I advise you to do it. Real world pokies are a thing of the past. On the other hand online pokies are and will be for a long time main source of fun in world of online gambling.

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Online gambling is the best

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

man-on-gambling-sitesIf you are fan of online gambling you are well known that it’s quite better than the real one. It got everything like the regular gambling but it has some positive differences. For example a lot of online gambling sites offer tutorial for newbies. It’s not in their interest to you look like a fool. And it’s better for everyone who start to play to learn first all the rules. Even if they are not offering tutorials, you can always find on this great thing called internet websites for casino games where you can play for free. Don’t put yourself in situation, like in those situations when you were a child and older kids wouldn’t play with you because you are smaller or something.

Also a huge difference, comfort of your household. Just imagine, you sitting in your home and playing your favorite gambling game online without all that fuss in regular casinos. And don’t forget that you can eat, or drink anything you want. You must be aware that lots of casinos have serious codes where they forbid eating in the casino. Also drinks in casinos are pretty expensive, but you know where are cheap drinks? In the market near your house. Important thing for some is also smoking. I can’t imagine smoking in the casino. If you smoke at your home it’s your decision. I personally don’t smoke at home. And not to forget that you are not glued for your computer. You can play it on your phone, no matter if is iPhone or android. All you need to have is WIFI and an account. Speaking of an account, if you are a rookie in online gambling world, here’s what you need to do.


So the first thing you need to do is to register on some online casino website. It’s simple. Give your email address and choose password. Then when you are logged in, you need to give a deposit with your credit card. What you need to know is that rule the house always wins is correct even in the online casino world. But there is a huge difference. Online casinos give you some bonuses and other perks. These bonuses are providing you some leverage with the dealers because when you start to lose money these things helps you to reduce your lose. Sure, you cannot fool them but at least they are trying to get you a much better deal unlike in real casinos. Those guys only think about money because they don’t have to worry if they start to lose customers.

What’s the best online casino for people in the USA?

So all you people who read this, maybe want to ask me one question. IS this an ad for online gambling sites? No, it isn’t. I am just a man who like to share his great experiences that he had in online gambling world. You don’t need to believe me, but I had my ups and downs. I won some and I lost some. But it’s all good. I am successful man, great at my job and when I want to relax a little I go to one of online gambling sites.

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Online casino – Chasing Promotions

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016


Don’t get surprised when you see almost same games in several different online casino game lists. That isn’t anything strange for there are almost same amount of online casinos and online casino games on the web, and those online casinos are not developers of those games. Majority of those casinos offer same interface slightly adjusted to stand out from the crowd. Same thing is with support as well as with types of games and games in general. So only thing in which an online casino can excel is promotions. Main face of those promotions is bonuses and most important of them is deposit bonus. There are several aspects of deposit bonus you should be aware of, and which on which you should inquire before you accept it.

First thing you should check is how much of the deposit is casino willing to match in a bonus. Standard in this industry is 100 percent, but if you search more closely you will be able to find matching up to 400 percent.

bonus-jackpot-casinoSecond thing you should check is the height of the bonus the casino is willing to provide. For deposit bonus the standard is between 100 and 3 000 dollars all depending on the amount of the deposit. This is of course standard which you will find in many casinos, but it doesn’t mean that there are no casinos that will give you bigger bonuses.

Third aspect of deposit bonus or any other bonus is less known because it isn’t advertised with the bonus in flashing light, and that involves terms on which you will be able to retrieve money from that bonus. Bonuses are not free even though their advertisements lead you to think that they are. Every bonus comes with terms which include certain amount of money you have to place in wagers in order to unlock it. Standard requirement is 20 times the bonus on wagers, but there are casinos that will go over the top and place terms that include 50 or more times the bonus requirement. This means that for a 200 dollars bonus you will have to wager 10 000 dollars if the requirement is 50 times the bonus money. That is a lot, and you should avoid bonuses that have over 20 times the bonus requirements.

But beware; some casinos will include additional terms into their bonuses, terms like locking your money for certain period of time which means that you will not be able to withdraw any money from online casino in that stated period. And they can ban some games (you will be able to play them, but their wagers will not count towards fulfillment of terms of the bonus).

Final aspect of these bonuses is whether you will be eligible for bonuses on your second, third and other deposits. Some casinos have deposit bonus for first deposit only, others will limit number of deposit bonuses while the third will offer you deposit bonuses for every deposit you make. This third group is the best of them all, if they offer fair terms of their bonuses.

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